Team formation - Online Matching (Fall 2020)

Mon, 2020/08/24 - 00:00 to Mon, 2020/10/12 - 00:00


Looking for co-founders and business partners to start your business? Send us your profile now!
We have created a page to list profiles of those who would like to form teams for PI Centre's call for entry (Fall 2020).
If you are interested, please fill in the form and we will update your profile as soon as possible.

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Teams looking for teammates:

T: 9876 5432

Example company is a social platform for people who are interested in startups. We aim to provide a matching service for people who are passionate about entrepreneurship.
Looking for:
Programmer (C++, Java)
Marketer (social media)

Nux LI - UniQ
BSc Computer Science
5492 4110 (WhatsApp)
Take a second to imagine - nobody should believe campus socialization on mobile could only mean Facebook, Instagram or WeChat. Yet UniQ does not just install another campus-oriented feed to your already-packed social media bundle - we are to redefine the way university students socialize and interact from online to offline. We have a team of 6 and the product design & prototype is nearly completed, don't hesitate to join us.
Looking for:
All motivated, creative students enthusiastic about bringing positive disruptions through product innovations, from all specializations but preferably:
1) frontend/backend developer
2) UI/graphics designer
3) marketing/PR/business manager.


Franco KONG
BSSc Government and Public Administration

T: 6337 3558

Creating a platform (Website+App) for the users to ask and answer questions with various topics (Politics, Lifestyle, Philosophy, Workplace, Culture, etc.) (Can take Quora and Zhihu as reference)
Looking for:
Teammate who knows how to make an app and website, teammate who knows how to manage a business...

Tzu Chi WENG - Zhihaitao
886 987169906

It's a FinTech project. We use web crawler to get some data, package them, and sell to hedge fund.
Looking for:
1. have knowledge in finance
2. lots of ideas
3. detail-minded person
4. know how to do branding and marketing
-should match at least one



People looking to join teams:

Chun Sang PUN
PhD in Medicial Sciences

YouTuber, computer assembly and some random stuff, chat with me to know more :) Or Check out my LinkedIn page.
Looking for:
A great leadership and idea team. Education related preferred.

Yuheng CAI
MSc Fintech
T: 4640 1292

- Currently pursuing 2nd master’s degree in FinTech specialized in data analytics and machine learning for trading and asset management
- Rich experience in mobile internet and cloud software product management for multi-national companies in China, Singapore and US
- Good track record in designing and developing global Internet products
- Proficient in applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning in digital products
- Entrepreneurial experience running two startups

Looking for:
FinTech related

Yin Ying CHAN

I am a foreigner from Malaysia. I can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysia and little bit of Japanese. I am currently working in ShenZhen as a Firmware Engineer under employer sponsorship. I am also doing part time MBA in CUHK at the same time. I did my undergrad in electronics, majoring computer engineering. I have experience in a social media content creation start-up studio back in Malaysia but had close the studio before my move here.
Looking for:
Technology, social media, or culture revitalization


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