Entrepreneur Corner: HomeCourt

Wed, 2019/06/19 - 18:30 to 19:30
Mr. Philip Lam, Co-founder of HomeCourt
CUHK Pi Centre (Lady Ho Tung Hall)

Language: Cantonese

Being an ace on the basketball court without a coach is no longer a dream - HomeCourt, an AI mobile app does the trick! The app can count, track and chart basketball shots real-time with your iPhone camera, giving you instant feedback.

If you want to know how HomeCourt raised 4M funding and attracted an international userbase in a short time, Mr. Philip Lam, Co-founder of HomeCourt and alumni of CUHK will be sharing with us his experiences in building this award-winning product. He has also formerly worked in Apple and Microsoft. Come join us!

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想唔駛教練嘅指導,就成為籃球場上嘅王牌?這不再是夢 - 有HomeCourt就可以啦!依個App可以用iPhone相機捕捉同追蹤你嘅投射情況,實時用AI分析你嘅表現並提供feedback。
想知HomeCourt點樣可以係短時間内獲得400萬投資,同埋聚集150個國家嘅用家?曾經係Apple同埋Microsoft做軟件工程師嘅HomeCourt聯合創始人兼中大校友Mr. Philip Lam會同我哋分享佢創立依個App嘅經驗,想知多啲就快啲黎報名啦!

日期:19 Jun 2019 (Wed)
時間:18:30 - 19:30
地點:香港中文大學何東夫人堂地下Pi Centre
講者:HomeCourt 聯合創始人Mr. Philip Lam

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