Extend HK business in Taiwan: Startup Ecosystem in Taiwan

Tue, 2021/02/09 - 17:30 to 18:30
Mr. Peter Liang, Operations Manager for Everiii; Startup development team, Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS)
Online (via Zoom)

Language: English

Ever thought about expanding your business operations in Taiwan? Want to know more about the local trends & opportunities, and what sort of advantages Hong Kong startups have? Then don't miss out on this introduction to the Taiwan Startup Ecosystem by Taiwan Startup Stadium!


About the Speaker
Peter Liang is the Operations Manager for Everiii and handles Startup Development under the Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) program, which is a leading startup ecosystem builder in Asia with a mission to help Taiwanese startups grow and scale. Prior to TSS, Peter has worked in investment banking, business development, and marketing.

About Taiwan Startup Stadium
Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), a startup hub supporting early-stage startups to go global. We currently serve startup members, ranging from bootstrap to Series B, from AR/VR, SaaS, AI, to Fintech, IoT and so forth. Founded in 2015, TSS currently serves 200+ startups, with 100+ mentors, 500+ investors and 30+ corporations. In addition to a broad network of ecosystem players, we also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps, workshops & seminars to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey and build a startup ecosystem throughout Asia.
Learn more: www.startupstadium.tw

About AsiaRocks 
#AsiaRocks brings together prominent ecosystem builders across APAC to provide startups a whole new gateway to Asian markets. Through Exhibition, Keynote, Panel and Networking, we offer unique “cross-border, market-entry” content, access to key players and resources, and opportunities to deep dive into the startup fundraising trends, talent sourcing and planning strategies, government subsidies and soft-landing services in these regions.
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