Team Formation - Online Matching (Spring 2023)

Tue, 2023/01/31 - 12:05 to Wed, 2023/04/19 - 12:00
CUHK Pi Centre


Looking for co-founders and business partners to start your business? Send us your profile now!
We have created a page to list profiles of those who would like to form teams for PI Centre's call for entry (Spring 2023).
If you are interested, please fill in the form by 15 Mar 2023 (Wed), and we will update your profile as soon as possible.

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Teams looking for teammates:

Name: Tsang Yimkwan

Description: All Walks
Mental health edtech

Looking for:
education psychologist/ education psychology background

Name: Jennifer Chan


Description: Silveryway

Silveryway offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that enables customers to create unique jewelry designs. Our vision is to empower young jewelry designers and enthusiasts to bring their creative ideas to life in an innovative way that was traditionally difficult to achieve.

Looking for:
Jewellery Designer/Technical Officer with knowledge of 3D and 2D drawing

Name: William CHOW

Description: Environmental Sustainability Guardian Limited

Our motto is to advocate low carbon lifestyle and apply silica capsule technology into daily necessaries. We eager to spread the awareness, sensitivity and operational capacity concerning the low carbon city to the society. By incorporating silica capsule technology into our daily products, we aim to reduce excessive packaging in the market and the reliance on plastic bottle container. Among them, the soap-gel can compress the liquid soap on the market to 1/100, but it does not hinder its effect. For more details, please refer to below link:

Looking for:

Marketing & multimedia profession partner

Name: Chung Pui Yung


Description: cc.english_

All-rounded English learning
English plays a significant role in developing world view and vision. It connects people's thoughts in a different world. However, the existing education system makes learning English painful and limits students' vision of their potential and future. This project aims at providing a systematic learning lesson for students while providing counseling, coaching and career planning sessions.

Looking for:

anyone who is interested in this idea

Name: Rickie Au


Description: AutoCook

"We create automatic cooking machine for home uses and restaurant.
Please visit the following website for more detail:"

Looking for:

CFO (With Business background)
CTO (With Engineering background)

Name: On Sai Hung


Description: MiExpert

MiExpert is an all-in-one online immigration platform offering online consultancy on topics of immigration, property investment and studies abroad.

We leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide customized immigration solutions to prospective immigrants. Our services are not limited to resolving immigration worries, we go the extra mile in ensuring our users are protected by offering advice on life-planning as well as asset migration issues.

Our platform assimilates social media features to foster connections between users planning to immigrate to the same country. Offering comfort and reassurance by introducing immigrants to others who are in the same position.

Based in Hong Kong, MiExpert aims to streamline immigration prospects through offering users extensive and detailed solutions.

Looking for:

Business Executive / Marketing Specialist

People looking to join teams:

Name: Cheung Yu Kei


CUHK MBA Alumni,

Digital product manager, product engineering and prototyping, 3D.

Looking for:

Digital products, data, 3D related.




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