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Thu, 2023/05/11 - 09:15 to Sun, 2023/05/28 - 23:59
CUHK PI Centre


InnoX 2023 Summer Camp is open for application!

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InnoX Summer Camp is a project-based, hard-tech focused, hands-on entrepreneurship boot camp hosted by InnoX Academy.

Initiated by Mr. Neil Shen, founding & managing partner of Sequoia China, and Professor Zexiang Li, HKUST professor & former chairman of DJI, HK InnoX Academy was jointly established by HKSTP and various Universities in Hong Kong.

InnoX Camp is the version 2.0 of the X-Plan project. In the past 6 years, it has supported more than 240 early-stage technology projects, among which Moon Biotech and Orcauboat were invested by Sequoia Capital and HKX fund. InnoX Camp has been successfully held for 4 sessions and 30% of the projects originated from the camps have received external funding for further incubation.

We’re looking for talents from different disciplinary backgrounds to build all-star start-up teams.


About InnoX 2023 Summer Camp

Theme: Future of Travel & Mobility

The future of travel and mobility is an exciting and rapidly evolving field, driven by cutting-edge technologies, sustainability, and the ever-changing needs of modern travelers. This presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions and superior travel experiences for customers. Now is the time to revolutionize the way we travel and make it more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable for everyone.


Timing: June 5th to July 15th, 2023          Place: HKSTP

Application Deadline: 28th, May 2023

Registration Link:  http://hk.mikecrm.com/XIJErSM



What you may win:

What we offer:

  • Fast track to incubation programs
  • Investment from leading VCs
  • Up to HK$500,000 Seed funding


  • Startup training worth over HK$100,000.
  • GBA industry field trips
  • Prototyping support
  • Advice from leading VCs 
  • Continuous mentorship

Who can apply:

  • All university students and alumni
  • Major in Engineering, Science, design, business or other tech disciplines.
  • Passionate entrepreneurs and technologists who embrace challenge and pressure.
  • Candidates with startup experience and ideas that need further calibration are welcomed.


More about InnoX Camp

  • Students will learn to apply design thinking, system thinking and business thinking in every step of building your own business.
  • From insights to ideas, from design to prototype, demo to product, students will explore technical details and understand supply chain and business models, experience the whole cycle of building a business from scratch.
  • Industry experts sharing, field trips to tech companies in GBA, coaching by experienced investors, students will be connected to these valuable resources through InnoX Camp.

You may reach out to us at info@innoxacademy.com for any inquiries.

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