【Entrepreneurship Series 3】Grow yourself Like a Start-up

Wed, 2023/06/21 - 18:00
CUHK PI Centre



Mr. Tianyi QIN, Principal of ZhenFund

Mr. Tianyi Qin is the Principal of ZhenFund. Currently he focuses on cutting-edge technology and cross-border commerce. Tianyi has led investments in OPay, HABBY, QBIT, DREO, ECCANG, Threat Hunter, and DwarfLab etc.


Prior to ZhenFund, Tianyi was a product manager at Tencent. He has independently developed innovative products from scratch, serving three million global users within two years.


In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the boundaries of the world, having completed thousands of kilometers of cycling and hiking in Nepal and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. He's also been an avid enthusiast of rock music and Zen meditation for more than a decade.


Content Highlights

- Compete fiercely VS Competition is for losers

- Make the right things VS Make the things right

- Go to market ASAP

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