Team Formation - Online Matching (Fall 2023)

Fri, 2023/06/30 - 09:48 to Fri, 2023/09/01 - 17:00
CUHK Pi Centre


Looking for co-founders and business partners to start your business? Send us your profile now!
We have created a page to list profiles of those who would like to form teams for PI Centre's call for entry (Fall 2023).
If you are interested, please fill in the form by 01 Sep 2023 (Wed), and we will update your profile as soon as possible.

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Teams looking for teammates:

Name: Li Man

Daoad is a rice husk upcycling company. We combine "rice husk" and "sustainable development" to produce high-quality, sustainable cultural and creative products using rice husk waste. We provide material supply, independent brand development, workshops, and event planning. Mission: Create a circular economy by upcycling rice husks into high quality and sustainable products, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability and climate action, while educating the community to achieve climate action. Vision:Give people more choices and give a new life for wasted resources

Looking for: Student who study chem, material science or related subject

Contact: +852 5936 8887/

Name: Jacky Chan

Description: - Enhancing Tomorrow's Workforce Today is on a mission to empower the next generation of AI innovators by giving teenagers the crucial AI skills they need to succeed in the workplace of the future. As artificial intelligence transforms every industry and occupation, today's teenagers will graduate into a very different world of work. The jobs that will be most in demand and highest paying will require skills in machine learning, data analysis and AI application. However, AI training is still nascent in most schools and young people are left unprepared for the new opportunities and challenges of the AI economy. aims to fill this gap by providing an AI training "crash course" tailored specifically for teenagers. Beyond theory, focuses intensely on hands-on projects and real-world applications of AI like coding, digital art, image generation and more. The goal is to translate complex AI concepts into interactive experiences that excite and engage teenage minds. By giving teens a head start on crucial AI skills, hopes to boost their future employability, competitive advantage and positive impact on a fast-changing world. believes that empowering today's teenagers with the power of AI will unlock their full potential as the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Looking for:
People who embrance the adoptation of AI in life and work. Feel free to connect and discuss.



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