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Fri, 2023/08/18 - 18:00
CUHK PI Centre



Dr. Aldrin Yim | Founder & CEO, Codex Genetics | MPhil in Biochemistry, 2015 (CUHK)

Dr. Aldrin Yim is the founding CEO of Codex Genetics. Aldrin received his Ph.D. in Computational and Systems Biology at The Washington University School of Medicine under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey Milbrandt, director of the McDonnell Genome Institute. Aldrin’s innovative research has elucidated glial and immune diversity within peripheral nerves, as well as portrayed the cellular dynamics in peripheral neuropathies, including ALS, using cutting-edge single-nuclei genomics technology. Aldrin also serves as a computational biologist affiliated with ImmGen, a nationwide consortium project aimed at providing a comprehensive profile of the immune system. His tireless efforts over the years have significantly accelerated the diagnosis of rare neurological disorders in Hong Kong, earning him the Spirit of Hong Kong Award in 2019 in acknowledgment of his remarkable contribution to rare disease management. Aldrin aspires for Codex Genetics to be a pivotal catalyst in advancing precision medicine across Asia. He plans to achieve this by enhancing disease diagnosis, treatment and management through the innovative CoGenesis® infrastructure.


Target Audience:

Entrepreneurs & Executives of start-ups especially from Biotechnology sector


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