Team formation - Online Matching (Fall 2022)

Mon, 2022/08/08 - 22:57 to Fri, 2022/09/16 - 23:14
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Looking for co-founders and business partners to start your business? Send us your profile now!
We have created a page to list profiles of those who would like to form teams for PI Centre's call for entry (Fall 2022).
If you are interested, please fill in the form by 14 Sep 2022 (Wed), and we will update your profile as soon as possible.

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Teams looking for teammates:

V Dimension(V次元)
CHOW Chun Kit
T: 64952992

We are going to develop a VTuber (aka Virtual YouTuber) entertainment company for Hong Kong VTuber, which aims to support and cultivate HK indie VTuber. Now, we already have a general direction and plans. Feel free to contact me for a talk or more information if you are interested!!! Also, this YouTube video ( )was created by me, which introduces VTuber culture and HK VTuber. You can take a look and know more about VTuber culture if you are interested in it.

Looking for:
- Anyone who can create YouTube and VTuber content (e.g. Generating ideas, video editing, 3D modelling, using Unity …)
- Anyone who can create ACG, VTuber or doujin contents
- Anyone who is familiar with Website and app development
- Anyone who is interested and passionate in VTuber culture and ACG culture

WU Scofield


Ihealth project is a chronic-disease management platform where patients can easily manage their health-related data, get assistive services for health management to improve health condition and where SDM could be generated for both doctors and patients with the help of AI.

Hey if you are interested in health technology with AI, APP development, or any health science that can help chronic disease patients to manage their health condition, you can email us and we are happy to share more with you ;)

Looking for:
1. Computer Science related with data management, OCR technology, AI training;
2. APP development in front and back-end development;
3. Health-related majors or nutrition majors particularly in Clinical Nutrition;

LEE Boon Kiat

Cancer immunotherapy for pets

Looking for:
- Scientific member
- Business member 

CHENG Yu Shing


Students nowadays are uncertain about their career path and not willing to commit to a full-time job, whilst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not able to provide abundant resources and capital to hire long-term professionals for their creative campaigns. Therefore, SWORK, a freelance pair-up platform for students or recent creatively talented graduates and SMEs, match both parties’ needs. With SWORK, students could earn their living and get feedback from the companies for improvement, while SMEs could get their tasks and projects done at a competitive and reasonable price.

Looking for:
- Marketer (social media and campaigns to attract users)
- Front End Developer 
- Back End Developer
- Business Member




People looking to join teams:

KWAN Shuk Ting
T: 9237 0837

I’m studying nursing and an insurance agent.
Hope to explore innovation & entrepreneurship

Looking for:
Anything that may need my skills 

Chan Ka Him
T: 55972220

Major in IBBA

Looking for:
Tech startup

Cheung Kwan Pui Evan


I am currently doing some material science (thin film) as my Physics MPhil Project,
I may help to develop a light, the particular properties of a thin film panel, or something similar.

Looking for:
any project, especially scientific one

Chong Tsz Wing



Penultimate majoring in Artificial Intelligence, with over 7 years of programming experience in algorithms. Work experience in hedge fund and multinational firm. Excellent problem-solving, reasoning, planning and quantitative skills. Demonstrated leadership in competitions and organisations. Enjoy building and pitching ideas in a fast-paced, collaborative and competitive environment. Interested topics include AI, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, XR, Algotrade and any other tech-related. Connections in blockchain industry and VC.

- Vice President, College Student Union
- Lead, Google Developer Student Club
- Exco, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Student Chapter
- Sub com, Hong Kong Digital Asset Society.

- Programming: Python, C, C++, typescript, ReactJS, Node.js
- Strength: Mathematics, Interpersonal skills, Creativity, Idea building, Pitching



Looking for:

AI, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, XR, Algotrade and any other tech-related



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