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Looking for co-founders and business partners to start your business? Send us your profile now!
We have created a page to list profiles of those who would like to form teams for PI Centre's call for entry (Spring 2022).
If you are interested, please fill in the form by 11 March 2022 and we will update your profile as soon as possible.

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Teams looking for teammates:

T: 9876 5432

Example company is a social platform for people who are interested in startups. We aim to provide a matching service for people who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

Looking for:
Programmer (C++, Java)
Marketer (social media)


Chow Chun Kit
V次元 (V Dimension)
Mechanical & Automation Engineering
T: 6495 2992

We are going to develop a VTuber entertainment company for Hong Kong VTuber, which aims to support and cultivate HK VTuber, and even expand Hong Kong VTuber culture and market. Now, we already have a general direction and invited 4 famous HK VTuber. Feel free to contact me for a talk or more information if you are interested!!! Also, this YouTube video ( )was created by me, which introduces VTuber culture. You can take a look, if you are interested in it. 我們打算成立一間香港VTuber娛樂公司,旨在支持和培養香港VTuber,甚至擴大香港VTuber文化和市場。現在,我們已經有了一個大致的方向及邀請了4位現役著名的香港VTuber。如果您有興趣或想知道更多資訊,歡迎隨時與我聯繫!!! 另外,這個是我製作的YouTube影片( ),介紹了VTuber文化,有興趣或不知道甚麼是VTuber的話,歡迎看一看。

Looking for:
- Anyone who familiar with 3D modeling software(e.g Blender, Maya) and Unity
- Anyone who familiar in XR (VR/AR/MR) technology and metaverse
- Anyone who familiar in Website and app development
- Anyone who familiar in video-editing (Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects…)
- Anyone who familiar in graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
- Anyone who have experience in YouTube content creation
- Anyone who have experience in creating ACG, VTuber or doujin contents
- Anyone who familiar in music production
- Anyone who good at singing and dancing
- Anyone who are interested and passionate in VTuber culture and ACG culture
- 任何熟悉 3D 建模軟件(例如 Blender、Maya)和 Unity 的人
- 任何熟悉 XR (VR/AR/MR) 技術和元宇宙的人
- 任何熟悉網站開發和手機應用程式開發的人
- 任何熟悉影片剪接的人(Premiere Pro、Final Cut Pro、After Effects…)
- 任何熟悉平面設計(Photoshop、Illustrator…)的人或畫師
- 任何對YouTube創作有經驗的人
- 任何對製作ACG、VTuber或同人內容有經驗的人
- 任何熟悉及對音樂製作有經驗的人 - 任何擅長唱歌和跳舞的人
- 任何對VTuber文化和ACG文化有興趣和熱情的人

Tang Kwan Lok
Philosophy (Graduate School)
After the Covid19 , many people may feel upset or lose their job. The reality is harsh. They need to escape from the reality or the crowd and recharge themselves, so that they can face daily new challenges. Solution: I have an idea that a handy robot speaks or shows positive reminders or feedback according to your body state and work or life plans. I am not a IT or science specialist, just have little experience on programming and startup competition. Feel free to contact me if you think you are useful and interested in this project.

Looking for:

-Programmer (know how to write ios and android app, python, AI etc)
-Product and app designer
-Person who can draft a circuit diagram and make it work

Ng Ka Pun
Computer Science
9529 9428
GAMLIC Studio contains a group of people who have special and innovative ideas or concepts in game development. Our aim is to develop different original games for teenagers and adults and also create a unique and iconic intellectual property (IP) for the Hong Kong game industry. Our first game demo is ready for anyone who loves games (Demo Link: and we are welcome all game lovers to join us and build a better environment for game creators in Hong Kong. GAMLIC Studio 包含了一群在遊戲開發中有著特別和創新的想法或概念的人。 我們的目標是為青少年和成人開發不同的原創遊戲,並為香港遊戲行業創造獨特而標誌性的知識產權(IP)。 我們的第一個遊戲試玩版已經為熱愛遊戲的人準備好了(試玩版: ,我們歡迎所有的遊戲愛好者加入我們,為香港的遊戲創作者建立一個更好的環境。

Looking for:

•Anyone who is good at drawing (Japanese style), character and game background design for 2D games
•Anyone who has talent or is familiar with original background music or sound effect creation
•Anyone who is familiar with UI/UX design
•Anyone who knows marketing and promotion
•Anyone who has any great ideas about the game content
•Anyone who is great at game programming (Unity C#)
•Anyone who has a background in financing or business
•Anyone who has patience at game testing, bug reporting, and game optimization
•Anyone who has experience in the field of mobile game or PC game development
•Anybody who is interested and willing to pay an effort in game development in Hong Kong or even the world
•Anybody who loves and enjoys playing games
•任何熟悉 UI/UX 設計的人
•任何擅長游戲編程的人(Unity C#)

Law Ho Tai
HK Design Pro 是一站式設計平台,提供廣泛的設計相關和印刷服務。 我們以嶄新方式與高級設計師合作並提供服務予顧客,以達致優惠、快速、高質量的服務水平。於此顧客能夠毫不費力地獲得業務所需的設計服務。

Looking for:
Excellent design skills/tech skills/Marketing skills (SEO&SEM&FB ad skills) + Operation skills

Chow Jerry
FinTech in México
IASP (Fintech)
T: +852 5507 5275

Financial Technology Wallet that specializes in group payments and wealth management for Mexicans. The idea has been floating around for months know and I think we have the opportunity to create something that will help people in México gain access to financial freedom. The idea has stirred up some attention from private investors and VC's in México, might be worth it to join the team. Contact me if you need/want more information + 852 5507 5275

Looking for:
1.- App developer (preferably knows Swift Programing)
2.- Designer (UX) for the app (knows how to create easy and understandable apps, minimalism)
3.- Financial admin and accountant (2 in 1) This guy/gal will be responsible for the startup money management.
4.- Any one who wants to join that thinks can help :D (Preferably creative crazy people)
Let's goo

Chan Horace
COMM (Journalism and Communication)
T: +852 5902 8222


The project is to build a freelance platform for students or recent graduates who have talents in creative industries. Although there are quite a few freelance platforms, professionals who have years of experience always get more advantages ahead of students and eventually get the jobs. Students are less competitive compared to them and could not earn a reasonable price when providing their services. As such, I would like to build a platform on student-focus so that they can make a living in a respectful way.

Looking for:
- person who have great experiences in financial models
- person who excels in programming, website, database, aws management
- person who are good at graphics and UI/UX Design


Kwan Ching Wai
Engineering (EE)
T: +852 6099 1413

Payment gateway and low cost FX system

Looking for:
Coding and Marketing teamate


Wong Tak Kai
Architecture (SSci)
T: +852 6099 1413


Our startup team targets a co-living platform for university students and graduates, this platform provides roommate pairing and rental agency services. Our platform aims at providing a reliable, one-stop roommate pairing and rental agency services of co-living for college graduates, students and anyone in need.


第一部份: 我們將與伍宜孫書院合作,在2022年9月的新學年為入宿的學生提供免費的室友配對服務。本部份的計劃目的旨在為宿生提供更好的住宿體驗。同時,我們也期望籍此系統鼓勵宿生與不同文化背景的學生居住,促進文化交流。

第二部份: 商業化的合租平台項目,我們預計將建立室友配對平台為大學畢業生、內地生及走讀生提供室友配對服務及租房服務。本部份的計劃旨在為難以負擔高昂樓價的青年更便宜的租屋選擇,推動本港的共居文化,為香港的居住問題提出新的解決方案。

現有團隊成員:10名 (3名宣傳及行政, 2名設計, 5名負責技術)
項目成就:與伍宜孫書院合作,在2022年9 月的的新學年提供宿舍室友配對服務。現時已取得一項創業基金,同時正在申請三項基金和獎學金。


Looking for:
市場推廣及對外聯絡人員: 職務:
1. 合租平台的宣傳及推廣工作 (包括社交媒體、實體等)
2. 與潛在客戶及合作方溝通 (會流利普通話之申請者優先)
3. 申請創業基金及市場研究
4. 簡單管理工作(財務及人力)
5. 平台管理


網站架設(前端/後端) :

我們正在尋找懂得以下技能的伙伴加入團體, 即使只有少量經驗,我們會尋找最適合你的職位

html (html5), CSS, JavaScript (Jquery), bootstrap 4, jquery, i18n

PHP, Nodejs, MySQL, MangoDB

*you can choose to join our team as team member or Co-founder


People looking to join teams:

e.g. EXAMPLE Chris Wong
T: 9876 5432

I am a CUHK student passionate about startups, and have some marketing experience in social media. Feel free to contact me!

Looking for:
Looking for a team with an amazing startup idea! Any field is ok


Frankie Kwok
Computer Science
Technical Skills: C/C++, Python, Java
Languages: Native in Cantonese; Conversational Proficiency in English, Fluent in Mandarin
Interests: Digital Art, Cinematography, Photography, Design, Skateboard, Gym

Looking for:
technology / design / creativity

As a psychlogy student, I study why people behave and what they think. I have strong interest in tech and programming, even though I am not very technical. I like working with people and just get creative in exploring new things! In the team, I can contribute innovative ideas and passion.

Looking for:

Any startup with amazing ideas, preferably in tech, education, video production and anything that can solve people's problems. Feel free to reach out to me!
Marta Gramtyka
Chinese Studies (Arts)

I am a year 3 international student from Poland. I am interested in a variety of things, such as cultures, communication and languages, and very recently I began to get more involved in the fields of design (with a focus on UX/UI design and interaction design) and Media Production (mostly photography and videos). I have previous experience in podcast production and editing as well as copywriting/social media content creation in English. I am not a professional and I still have a lot to learn, but I am motivated since currently I am creating my portfolio to pursue a master degree in interaction design with specialization in virtual and augmented reality.

Looking for:
I am looking for something meaningful which includes design (UX/UI, interaction) and allows me to enhance my skills in this field. I can also focus on communication, virtual or augmented reality or languages.


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