Application to PI Centre Startup Team - Fall 2021


CUHK PI Centre is now open to all students who are interested in innovation and embarking on new ventures for application!



  1. All CUHK students (undergraduate and postgraduate) (full time and part time) in ANY discipline, who have an innovative idea and a passion to create significant human, social, or market value.

  2. Applicants can apply as individuals or teams. In each team, the principal applicant must be a CUHK current student.

  3. Applicants must not have registered with a BR / a company for their own project at the time of application.

  4. Priority will be given to:

  • Applicants with ideas and/or plans backed by research and/or scientific discoveries with research faculties and academic supervisors endorsement.

  • Applicants with ideas and/or plans being recognized in open or university-wide competitions, or having received any award and/or endorsements from other authorities.

  • Teams with students from diversified educational backgrounds and skillsets (i.e. from various Faculties or Departments).
    You are welcome to join our Team Formation Mixer on Sep 30 at CUHK InnoPort (face-to-face) or submit your profile on the Online Matching Platform to look for your team members or a team to join!



  1. Read through the Application Guideline and download the Business Pitch Deck template.

  2. (Optional) Attend our Info Session on 14 September 2021 (Tuesday), at 16:30-18:00 to know more about the requirements of the Business Pitch Deck, as well as the important points to note while preparing it. Register for the Info Session here.

  3. Fill out the Online Application Form AND upload the completed Business Pitch Deck before 23:59, Oct 11, 2021 (Monday).

  • The pitch deck must be submitted in PowerPoint format.

  • Please name the submission email and your file as "Your Project Name_Business Pitch Deck for PI Centre", i.e. “HappyPI_Business Pitch Deck for PI Centre”.



  1. Applications will be assessed by the Vetting Panel comprising core members of Center for Entrepreneurship, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, Centre for Innovation and Technology and entrepreneurs or experts in the relevant field.

  2. The panel will assess the business pitch decks and select teams for First Round interview on 19 October 2021 (Tuesday) and the Final Interview on 26 October 2021 (Tuesday), to demonstrate their project and future plans.

  3. Admitted applicants/teams will be notified individually. The result will also be announced on PI Centre’s website and social platforms. (Facebook: cuhkpicentre ; Instagram: @cuhk.picentre)


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